Syn Welcomes Rayven Godchild

Welcome Ms. Rayven Godchild to the Syn Publishing family!


We are excited to work with Ms. Godchild on her new suspenseful erotic romance with a working title Degrees of Being Boss. 

A bit about our new author: Rayven Godchild a/k/a Angela Brown openly writes under both names. Her blog, which you can find here, lists the many Young Adult, New Adult, and Erotic Romance novels. She’s open, she’s fun, and really knows how to craft a story!

We’re so happy to have her aboard. Announcements with release dates and such will follow.


Syn welcomes @layne_macadam

Syn Publishing is pleased to announce that we have a newly contracted author, Layne Macadam! We are pleased to add her to our house and her upcoming novel, Lara’s Wolf.

About the author: Romance author Layne Macadam, was born in Sydney, Australia and still resides on the east coast with her husband, two dogs, and a cat named Bob who looks down upon them all with disdain. An avid reader of romance with a degree in history, Layne also has a passion for travel and cooking. So sitting in sight of an ancient ruin, sampling the local cuisine with a romance book in hand is her idea of a good time.

Author Website: